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Lake Burien Presbyterian Church

Lake Burien Presbyterian Church is a multigenerational congregation seeking to serve their neighborhood.  Their previous website was flash-based, impossible to navigate, lacked focus and strategy and spoke nothing of their emerging vision and values.  They were also looking for some rebranding work, as their old logo did not reflect who they were..

Logo: The old logo that was being used was a Celtic cross with a trinity knot that was done in-house. It didn’t reflect who the congregation was. We created the current logo to match the congregations style. We created a tree icon, with three branches and leaves to match their 3 main values.  We used a color palette that already were being identified as “Lake Burien” colors, we just used them in a fresh way. We finished the logo with clean, modern typography.

Style: Lake Burien needed their new site to match their church. They were in need of a complete overhaul. We made specific design choices to help them match their congregation. We used a light, clean design with a focus on images, color and modern typography. We also made it so the important information is one-click away. There are several dynamic content areas on the homepage that gives the user easy access to the latest content. The site is also responsive, so that it functions well and looks great across screen sizes, from mobile to desktop.

Content: Like many organizations with websites, Lake Burien  had the habit of never updating their content.  Plus the content was nearly impossible to find with the confusing UI and UX. We helped them hone their content by cutting, editing, and finally adding content that spoke to their message and values. We helped them understand the difference between static and dynamic content. Their new site is a mix of static content, which gives the basics of the church, meeting times, program values, ministry information etc…and dynamic content, which tells stories, teaches, gives date-specific information and more.

We build their new site using the immensely popular CMS, WordPress and trained them to use it to develop their own content.

The result has been a big success.  They now have modern site, that speaks to their mission and values.  It now is a great representation of who the church is and more importantly, who they want to be.

  • Lake Burien Presbyterian Church
  • 7/1/2013
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