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Tobin Wilson is a pastor, author and leader in the Seattle faith community.  He was looking to redo his personal website.  He was looking for something that was mobile friendly, with readable typography and that kept his logo and brand messaging. 

Style: Tobin knew he needed an overhaul.  He wanted something that was modern, and cool.  We developed a parallax style site and centered the content.  We also made sure that the font stack fit with his vision for the site.  We built it to be responsive, so that it looks great across all screens and devices, making his site future friendly. The result is a beautiful, cool site that gives users a clear understanding of who Tobin is.

We built his new site using the immensely popular CMS, WordPress and trained him to use it to develop his own content.

  • Tobin Wilson
  • 6-1-2013
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